SEO workshop – cascading content

– How the content is structured

Humans are impressionable, we are able to take on a very basic visual process to standardise the internet, we’re not too fussed how a page is presented as long as content is of an appropriate height and style.

Headers are given emphasis, be this a colour or increased font weight – bold – we do this as this is how we are taught early on to read. The internet is no exception to this media rule. Copyright text is deemphasized as it is not important. This would also hold for the date of a article or the poster of said article.

In visual presentation of content your unique page title is critical. It needs emphasis in style for human readers and to be wrapped within an H1 tag for robots. The content immediately following the page title is expected to be of more importance than that of content half way down the page. Consider grouping content into related topics beneath the page title, this makes content easy to read and easy for a robot to accurately index.

Micro formats – sets of specific cataloged data – are a great idea rapidly being supported by search engines, consider adding your company address, contact details and other important visitor data in a hCard format, it’s quite a simple exercise.

This collection of SEO articles will boost awareness as well as the satisfaction of your inbound traffic. Looking for more ways to boost your site, comments?

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