Search Engine Room 2007 program released

The details have been finally announced, and sessions collide with one another! Time to make some serious choices of which program is better! Day one’s morning overview and expectations are here.

Day 1: 20st March 2007

Registration for breakfast starts at seven sharp – I’ll be getting their quarter past the hour – expect an easy breakfast with a few shavings of Google supplements – Google without sausages? come on… – just to make that free meal even tastier. Q&A will follow; I hope someone saves Aaron D’Souza some breakfast.

Once we’re all fed we’ll be filtered from those attendees who have paid and those who will be asked to leave – breakfast with Google! – before converging for a brief industry overview by Search Engine Room Director Martin Kelly, followed by a few mule examinations; internet consumer consensus studies.

Before morning tea rings in at 10:30am the evil empire… Google will have revealed it’s master plan within the Australian and regional markets including an interview session from Richard Kimber; Google’s Imperial… err… Managing Director of Sales and Operations, SE Asia.

11:00am dilemma, “Lies, Damned Lies and…” with “Next Steps” in the Dockside area or “Not Quite Search Marketing 101” and “Keyword Selection and Targeting” in the Terrace Room! I want to see “Keyword Selection and Targeting” as well as “Lies, Damed Lies and…”, might have to do the runner between them. Overview of each session.

Lies, Damned Lies and… & Next Steps – 11:00am – Lunch – Dockside

Gavin Appel, Hitwise’s Senior Vice President will be unloading their search stats on the topic of “Trends, Issues, Opportunities”. Vague as that may sound, definitely valuable.

An industry outlook – performance, benchmarking, future trends – from Frost & Sullivan’s Research Director Darryl Nelson; had to resist from placing ‘monkey’ after Research!

Neilsen / NetRatings Senior Analyst Andrew Eckford will be presenting “Search In The Web 2.0 Environment”. Bound to full of delicious goals however broad the title may be.

Knew Yahoo! were up to something, Craig WaxRegional Managing Director, Australia, India and South East Asia, Yahoo! Search Marketing… Man at bar: “So what do you do?”, Craig’s reply: “R.M.D.A.I.S.E.A.Y.S.M.” – will be test driving their Yahoo!’s advertising platform Panama with an update on regional trends; Notice the typo on the program? “…Craig and Wax…” 😛

Not Quite Search Marketing 101 – 11:00am – 11:30am – Terrace Room

Not quite meatloaf but pretty close, Stephan Spencer Founder of NetConcepts will be covering the fundamentals of SEM using PPC potential to maximize sponsored rank listings. What sparks my attention will be his predicted impact of changing online habits within SEO. My own condensed summary of changing internet habits, “Holy !@#$, did you see the size of that peak… you’re !@#$’d if you missed that opportunity!”.

Keyword Selection and Targeting – 11:30am – 12:30pm – Terrace Room

Sweet… every SEO monkey’s wet-dream, a presentation dedicated to successful SEM keyword strategies presented by successful SEM firms, if that’s not good enough there’s meatloaf like “long tail” to munch on. Forget your glossary, Search Engine Room 2007 will be serving up industry terms by the platter.

The introduction will be covered by David Warmuz, Managing Director of Trellian. Only the introduction, hm?

Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems will be teaching backyard excavation techniques – research strategies – which ought to pave some standardised SEM practices in concrete.

They save the best till last, there isn’t a better opportunity for a speaker to overwhelm a room of eager mentally starved and mortally hungry listeners by presenting Lament Semantic Indexing (alternative Wikipedia link, be warned, intense mathematical functions ahead…). This presentation will be acted out in interpretive dance by Fred Schebesta, Self-elevated Marketing God?/Director of Freestyle Media.

Social Search

How only an hour can be allocated to such a topic is beyond me, a conference dedicated to Social Marketing might be more fitting. MySpace, YouTube and Twitter are in a pioneer industry, one with far higher ROI and associated risk than other marketing approaches, in this game of russian roulette if people reject your campaign their immediate influence on others will vastly affect your bottom line. Brett Poole, Head of Search, Yahoo!7 will be exploring social networks, user interaction and industry implications. Set to be awesome!

Once we’re all on the brink of eating one another Lunch will be served at 12:30pm to crave our instincts of feasting, getting to know one another and quenching thirsts; leave your baskets and empty food trolleys at home, save the raiding parties for day two’s lunch!

That’s all the predictions I can muster for the moment. See you at SER 2007!

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