Related Products gets templates and Admin options

The 1.7 release of Related Products includes some much desired Admin options to control the Related Products heading title as well as orientation (horizontal/vertical) display of the Related Products object on the Product details page.

You?ll get the following out of the latest update.

  • Added Layout control to Admin page with individual templates for vertical/horizontal and ordered/unordered presentation
  • Added Header Visibility control to Admin page to show/hide Related Products title appearing above suggested Products
  • Added Header Title control to Admin page to change ‘Related Products’ to suit individual needs
  • Moved Admin page to Settings to follow the upcoming WP e-Commerce 3.8 menu conventions
  • Added uninstall.php to remove stored options for Related Products, invoked only on Delete action from Plugins
  • Added function wpsc_has_related_products() that checks for existance of Related Products assigned against the current Product or specified Product ID
  • Updated ‘manual’ and ‘disregard’ custom Product meta keys to use unique Plugin prefixing

Jump over to the Product details page for more information or the Premium Plugin Updates page to download the latest release.

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