Refer WP e-Commerce Plugin customers and earn affiliate rewards

2011 is well and truly here and with it comes the build-up to the official WP e-Commerce 3.8 release seeing demand for quality WP e-Commerce Plugins like never before!

I’ve been an active participant on the Support Forum since 2009 and have come a long way in that time, from starting 2009 giving basic advice to other new store owners like myself all the way?through?to customising client sites in 2010 and now in 2011 committed to releasing free and Premium Plugins continuing to extend what’s possible in WP e-Commerce.

Help spread the word of my Plugins to new and existing WP e-Commerce store owners as well as WordPress-supporters, sign up as an affiliate today and earn up to 20% commission on each referred Sale. Here’s a list of current WP e-Commerce Plugins.

(A big thanks go out to those who have mentioned my Plugins on small business Blogs and Forums! Cheers! 🙂 )

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