Product Importer Deluxe, the WordPress Plugin

I like WordPress Page Templates, they’re predictable, and in my solutions that’s desirable. Unfortunately taking this path meant a steeper learning curve for first-time WordPress site owners and limitations in how far I could ‘test’ customers to follow the dotted line in each solution’s Readme. This road has ended, and so my first WordPress Plugin is Product Importer Deluxe v1.6

It’s got all the goodness of previous releases only now it lives in the Settings tab of your WordPress Administration and means I can push forward with adding support for the new kid moving in soon; WP e-Commerce 3.8. I’ve tested this Plugin with WordPress 3.0-beta2 so early adopters can rest assured my solutions will keep up with WordPress. Here’s some screenshots of the new release.

Download it now from the Product details page for Product Importer Deluxe or from the download link in your purchase receipt.

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