Product Importer Deluxe 2.2 gets multiple category support, progress bar and more!

I’m powering ahead with features for Product Importer Deluxe as part of the lead up to WP e-Commerce 3.8, 2.2 brings the ability to assign multiple Product Categories against Products!

Previously you could only assign a single Product Category to a Product, now, if you add a ‘|’ (pipe) character between each Product Category in your Category column Product Importer Deluxe will do all the work for you.

Other changes in this release include a progress bar indicating that Product Importer Deluxe is processing Products during the import phase. I may extend this further in the future to detail what product it’s up to, etc. For now though, it’s a start! Finally, the limit on the default Group (Category) has been removed so you can assign Categories from any Group and Product Importer Deluxe will link your Product to each Product Category.

There may be an update tomorrow for Product variations, drop a comment below if you’d like to see this happen. That?s it for now, jump over to the Product detail page.

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