[Plugin update] WooCommerce Checkout Manager 4.0.4

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 4.0.4 Plugin update is a minor Plugin update as part of our roadmap for resolving critical Plugin issues and ensuring this Plugin can be maintained going forward. There are no security fixes in this release.

What’s changed?

Noticable changes in this release is changes to the required state of fields at Checkout (still being ironed out with the beta WCM community) and the default size of Textarea fields has been increased.

Behind the scene there are major structural changes to the Plugin codebase with us moving functionality out of /includes/classes/main.php and into separate files within the /includes/… directory, for instance:

  • admin.php for code relevant to the WordPress Administration
  • checkout.php for code relevant to the WooCommerce Checkout page
  • email.php for code relevant to the Order Receipt

This structural change to the Plugin codebase will make it easier for us as Plugin developers to build and maintain this Plugin while enabling you as end-users to inspect what the Plugin is doing and extend WooCommerce Checkout Manager without prior knowledge of the Plugin codebase. 🙂

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Fixed: Required field message for non-required fields at Checkout
  • Added: Delete WCM WordPress Options to Advanced tab
  • Added: Delete WCM Orders Post meta to Advanced tab
  • Added: Delete WCM Users meta to Advanced tab
  • Added: Confirmation prompt to Advanced tab links
  • Changed: Hide empty File uploader fields on Edit Order screen
  • Added: Force show Billing fields to Switches tab
  • Changed: Took out all !important CSS references
  • Fixed: Line-breaks being stripped from Text Area fields
  • Changed: Default rows for textarea field is 5
  • Changed: Default columns for textarea field is 25
  • Added: wooccm_checkout_field_texarea_rows Filter for overriding default textarea field rows
  • Added: wooccm_checkout_field_texarea_columns Filter for overriding default textarea field rows
  • Changed: WooCheckout screen now using template files
  • Changed: Center Position label to Full-width

Download the latest Plugin update from WordPress.org, or via the Plugin detail page for WooCommerce Checkout Manager.

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