Plugin update: Store Exporter Deluxe for WooCommerce 1.7.6

Hi WooCommerce users, the 1.7.6 Plugin update is a major Plugin update following on from the minor release yesterday of 1.7.5.

Here’s a quick run through of new features available in the latest Store Exporter Deluxe release:

  • re-order export fields for all Export Types
  • field label editor for all Export Types
  • full Attributes support for Products export
  • new Gravity Forms fields for Orders export

Sortable Export Fields

With today’s update you can drag-and-drop export fields across all Export Types to your preferred ordering, click Export and your CSV or Excel 2007 (XLS) file will be formatted to your specification. Even better, the next time you open the Export screen your preferred ordering for each Export Type is ready to go.

Field Label Editor

We’ve talked about introducing a Field Editor as a simple all-in-one solution for re-labeling export fields, from the top right corner of the Export Fields dialog for each Export Type a new Configure link opens the Field Editor for that Export Type. Select an export field and enter your preferred label then click Save Changes, the next time you open the Export screen your labels are ready to be included in exports!

Here’s the complete changelog (including 1.7.5).

  • Fixed: Category Image generating PHP warning notices
  • Fixed: Default Export Type to Product if not set
  • Fixed: Default Date Format for exports if not set
  • Changed: Renamed Order Items Types to Order Item Types under Export Options
  • Fixed: Ordering of export fields not saving
  • Added: Support for filtering Products by Product Type in scheduled exports
  • Added: Support for custom date formatting under Settings screen
  • Added: Gravity Form ID to Orders export
  • Added: Gravity Form Name to Orders export
  • Added: Support for changing the export format of scheduled exports
  • Fixed: Display of multiple queued Admin notices
  • Fixed: PHP warning on Subscriptions export
  • Fixed: Attributes showing Term Slug in Products export
  • Fixed: Attributes not including Taxonomy based Terms in Products export
  • Fixed: Empty export rows under certain environments in Products export
  • Added: Support for filtering Orders by Order Dates for scheduled exports
  • Added: Field Editor for all export types
  • Added: Sortable export fields

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

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