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[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.3.8 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 2.3.8 Plugin release is a minor Plugin update adding additional export functionality, that means native export support for WooCommerce Easy Bookings, additional export columns and new Scheduled Export controls.

This minor release brings a bunch of new functionality including:

  • you can now export Coupons and see a list of associated Order ID’s of where each Coupon has been used; see the Used In Coupon export column
  • from the Scheduled Export screen you can now see the FTP/SFTP host, e-mail recipient(s) or local filepath within the Export Method table column
  • change the FTP transfer mode from FTP_ASCII to FTP_BINARY from the Edit Scheduled Export > Method tab; handy for troubleshooting XLS/XSLX corrupt file transfers
  • you can filter a list of Products with or without an assigned Featured Image
  • you can export a detailed list of Global Attributes for re-importing

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Fixed: Large number of Coupons crashing the Edit Scheduled Export screen (thanks Profound)
  • Fixed: Remember Filter Order by Product Type filter on Quick Export screen
  • Fixed: Remember Filter Coupons by Discount Type on Quick Export screen
  • Fixed: Remember Filter Order by Product Tag on Quick Export screen
  • Fixed: Bulk exporting Products from the Trash (thanks Gio)
  • Fixed: Hide one time Scheduled Exports from Scheduled Export Dashboard widget


  • Added: Coupon Published and Coupon Modified columns to Coupon export (thanks Matt)
  • Added: Used In column to Coupon export
  • Added: Coupon Type filter to Coupons export within Scheduled Exports
  • Added: Export method labels to Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: FTP Transfer mode to Edit Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: Sequential Order ID support to Used In Coupon export column (thanks Matt)
  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Easy Booking (thanks Raymond)
  • Added: Filter Products by Featured Image
  • Added: Attributes export type


  • Changed: Function name woo_ce_scheduled_export_orders to singular
  • Changed: Renamed FTP Transfer mode to Connection mode on Edit Scheduled Export screen

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

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