[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.2.1 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 2.2.1 Plugin release is a minor Plugin update introducing tighter WPML integration, resolving a PHP warning in Order exports affecting one of the Order Items Formatting rules and allowing to force FTP Passive Transfer Mode for stubborn remote servers.

PHP warning in Orders using the Place Order Items on individual cells within a single Order row Order Items Formatting rule

If you’ve been seeing the following PHP warning popping up in some of your PHP error log or embedded at the top of CSV Order exports then this minor Plugin update is for you.

Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in …/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 81
Warning: Illegal offset type in …/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 83

This PHP warning also was the cause of corrupt XLS and XLSX exports affecting users who updated to the 2.2 major Plugin release as it would corrupt the export file as it was being processed by the file generator.

WPML integration

You can now filter Order exports by specific Products and we will fetch Orders not just from the default WPML language but across all languages. There are also new Language export fields across all supported export types so you  can identify the Language of a given record (e.g. Product, Category, Tag, Order, etc.). Pretty nifty!

Force FTP Passive Transfer Mode

In the past our Scheduled Export engine has relied on the remote FTP server informing us what server commands are available to us which has meant we couldn’t switch to the Passive Transfer Mode at will. With this release we will send the PASV command to enable the passive transfer mode regardless of whether we are told if it is supported or not, you can ensure this happens by setting the Transfer Mode option to Passive from the Method tab of the Edit Scheduled Export screen.


Here’s the full changelog:


  • Added: Store Exports diagnostics to WooCommerce > System Status screen
  • Added: Notice on Quick Export screen indicating background exports
  • Added: Indicator on Scheduled Export screen for background exports
  • Added: Language export column to Product export type
  • Added: Language export column to Category export type
  • Added: Language export column to Tag export type
  • Added: WPML support for exporting Orders from all languages when filtering by Product
  • Added: Filter Orders by Order meta to Quick Export screen
  • Added: Support for Yoast SEO: WooCommerce
  • Added: Featured Image Title field to Products export type
  • Added: Featured Image Caption field to Products export type
  • Added: Featured Image Alternative Text field to Products export type
  • Added: Featured Image Description field to Products export type
  • Added: Language filter to Products export type on Edit Scheduled Exports (thanks Andrejs)
  • Added: Abort button to cancel current Scheduled Export
  • Added: Support for WooCommerce EAN Payment Gateway (thanks Yan)


  • Fixed: PHP warning on Orders export (thanks Lydie)
  • Fixed: Force Passive FTP transfer mode when selected


  • Changed: Created order-individual-extend.php

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

2 thoughts on “[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.2.1 for WooCommerce

  1. Hi Team,

    There has been lot of issues in exporting products as well as importing. While exporting some limit exceeds and it doesn’t export anything and while importing, though we use CSV file, it gives an error that it is not a CSV file. This has become very frustrating as we have not been able to use the plugin to fullest and have to use other free plugins to get the job done! I have pinged the screenshots on Facebook messenger as well. Please resolve ASAP as we need it.


    • Hi Shrey, thanks for commenting. I can see your Support ticket was submitted this morning and I am responding to it now 🙂

      For posterity, first off I suggest updating from Store Exporter Deluxe 2.1.7 to the latest release as there are known issues with that legacy release affecting exports. The changelog since September is huge so I’m confident your export issues will be sorted there.

      Here’s the changelog:

      Happy to look at importing with you and we’ll get to the bottom of why that’s failing as this is not a widely reported issue. 🙂

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