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[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.1.4 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 2.1.4 Plugin update is a minor Plugin update extending the functionality and filters available within the Edit Scheduled Export and Edit Export Template screens. That and we’ve fixed multilingual support and have included the Deutsch language pack in this release (thanks Thomas)!

What’s changed?

The biggest change in this release is the change of export field labels affecting the Orders export type. Things got a little confusing when users were wanting to export the Attribute details from a Product that was included as an Order Item as opposed to what we were offering which was the Variation detail chosen by the customer and assigned to the Order Item.

Here’s a simple example of what we now offer in the Orders export type:

  1. Order Items: Colour Variation = Red
  2. Order Items: Colour Attribute =  Red, Blue, Green

The first item is the Colour Variation selected by the customer as part of their Order, the second item is the Attribute data linked to the Product that the customer added to their Order.

Export support for new Plugins

We now support exporting from the following Plugins:

  • Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce
  • YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Premium


Here’s the full changelog:


  • Added: WordPress Filter to disable Product Attributes support
  • Added: Default notice when Fields list on Edit Export Template screen is empty
  • Added: Export Template support to Order screen Actions
  • Added: Export Template support to CRON export engine
  • Added: Order Items: %Variation% Attribute to Orders export
  • Added: Filter Orders by User Role to Scheduled Exports (thanks Mark)
  • Added: Filter Orders by Coupon Code to Scheduled Exports
  • Added: Remember Filter Orders by Coupon Code
  • Added: Remember Filter Orders by Payment Method
  • Added: Remember Filter Orders by Shipping Method
  • Added: Guest option to Filter Orders by User Role (thanks Mark)
  • Added: Deutsch (German) translation (thanks Thomas)
  • Added: Filter Products by Product Vendor (thanks Mark)
  • Added: Filter Orders by Product Vendor
  • Added: Remember Filter Product by Brand
  • Added: Export support for Order Delivery Date for WooCommerce (thanks Robin)
  • Added: Heading Formatting option to Scheduled Exports (thanks Lucas)


  • Changed: Order Items: %Variation% label to Order Items: %Variation% Variation
  • Changed: Subscription Items: %Variation% to Subscription Items: %Variation% Variation


  • Fixed: Order screen Actions not remembering field preference (thanks Jinesh)
  • Fixed: CRON exports where order_date_from and order_date_to are the same (thanks Giorgio)

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

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