[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.1.2 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 2.1.2 Plugin update is a minor Plugin update that extends the Scheduled Export engine with new Filters, Volume Limit and Offset support and reporting on failed Scheduled Exports.

Store Exporter Deluxe now supports automatic Plugin updates without being dependent on the Visser Labs Updater Plugin. 😀

Note: The 2.1.2 Plugin update does not include the anticipated Export Templates which is currently being developed. We’re as eager as you to see it released!

Monitor Scheduled Exports from the WooCommerce > Store Export > Scheduled Exports screen

In additional to monitoring Scheduled Exports from the Scheduled Exports and Recent Scheduled Exports Dashboard widgets you can now see all Scheduled Exports activity and reporting from the Scheduled Exports screen.

We now include detailed reporting on failed Scheduled Exports on the Scheduled Exports screen, prior to this we relied on the WooCommerce Logs engine and WordPress Logs file. If a Scheduled Export fails it is highlighted in red with information about the issue and where possible clear recommendations on how to resolve the conflict.

You can limit access to the Scheduled Exports and Recent Scheduled Exports Dashboard widget by modifying the woo_ce_admin_dashboard_user_capability WordPress Filter.

New Scheduled Export options

This release includes the following new options to be applied to Scheduled Exports within the Add/Edit Scheduled Export screen:

  • Limit Volume
  • Volume Offset
  • Order Items Formatting

Rolling out support for WordPress MultiSite

The 2.1.2 Plugin update added WordPress MultiSite support for Network Admin’s to export Products, this will be extended in future minor Plugin updates to support all other Export Types.

Export support for new Plugins

We now support exporting from the following Plugins:

  • WooCommerce Profit of Sales Report
  • Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce

Here’s the full changelog:


  • Added: Coupon Expiry Date to Orders export (thanks Mihai)
  • Added: Remember Filter Order by Dates filter on Quick Export screen
  • Added: User Capability checks on Dashboard widgets (thanks Valentin)
  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Profit of Sales Report (thanks Matias)
  • Added: Cost of Good field to Products export
  • Added: Order Items: Cost of Good field to Orders export
  • Added: Limit Volume to Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: Volume Offset to Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: All Day Booking to Orders export (thanks Johnny)
  • Added: Booking Resource ID to Orders export
  • Added: Booking Resource Name to Orders export
  • Added: Booking # of Persons to Orders export
  • Added: Recent Scheduled Exports to Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: Delete All button to Recent Scheduled Exports list
  • Added: Styling to Scheduled Exports with Draft Status
  • Added: Fatal error detection during Scheduled Exports
  • Added: Automatic 30 second screen refresh after pressing Execute on Scheduled Exports screen
  • Added: Fatal error details to Recent Scheduled Exports (thanks William)
  • Added: Legacy support for PCLZip where ZipArchive is unavailable (thanks William)
  • Added: Order Items Formatting to Edit Scheduled Export screen (thanks Emily)
  • Added: Per Product Shipping – Country to Products export
  • Added: Per Product Shipping – State to Products export
  • Added: Per Product Shipping – Postcode to Products export
  • Added: Per Product Shipping – Cost to Products export
  • Added: Per Product Shipping – Item Cost to Products export
  • Added: Per Product Shipping – Order to Products export
  • Added: WordPress MultiSite support for Products (thanks Rob)
  • Added: Notice when logged in as Network Admin on WordPress MultiSite
  • Added: Export support for Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce (thanks Robin)


  • Changed: Order Date filter query (thanks Joe)
  • Changed: Export Modules includes links to individual Plugin pages
  • Changed: Hover text on disabled Execute button on Scheduled Exports screen
  • Changed: Remove table footer section from Scheduled Exports
  • Changed: Detection PHP function for Per Product Shipping (thanks Max)
  • Changed: Deactivate Visser Labs Updater on upgrade


  • Fixed: Export Modules list empty when filtering by an empty filter
  • Fixed: Filter Order by Dates: Last week not working
  • Fixed: Limit on number of Variations or WPML Products (thanks Warren)
  • Fixed: Variation only Products exports not working (thanks Ilan)
  • Fixed: Export of WooCommerce Product Vendors (thanks Joe)
  • Fixed: Automatic Plugin updater conflict
  • Fixed: Filter Orders by Shipping Country not working (thanks Julien)
  • Fixed: Export custom Product meta in Orders export (thanks Patrick)

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

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