[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.0 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 2.0 Plugin update is a major Plugin update 4 months in the making! Multiple scheduled export, more filters, more export types, more export fields support for WooCommerce Plugins are included. There are no security fixes in this release but significant changes to the scheduled export and WP-Cron export engine will take immediate affect after updating/activating the 2.0 Plugin release.

Here’s the full changelog broken down.


  • Added: Support for product_tag filter in Products export for CRON export engine
  • Added: Support for product_cat filter in Products export for CRON export engine
  • Added: Support for product_brand filter in Products export for CRON export engine
  • Added: Support for product_vendor filter in Products export for CRON export engine
  • Added: Support for product_type filter in Products export for CRON export engine
  • Added: Multiple scheduled export support
  • Added: Migrate default scheduled export to scheduled_export CPT
  • Added: Filter Products by Featured
  • Added: Filter Products by SKU
  • Added: Filter Orders by Product Brand
  • Added: Filter Users by User Role
  • Added: Option to hide Archives tab if Enabled Archives is disabled
  • Added: Option to restore Archives tab from Settings tab
  • Added: WordPress SEO support for Categories
  • Added: ID attribute to export elements in XML/RSS formats
  • Added: Fixed date select reflects date formatting option
  • Added: Limit Extra Products Option scan to filtered Order IDs if provided
  • Added: Filter Products by Shipping Classes
  • Added: Support for product_shipping_class filter in Products export for CRON export engine
  • Added: Manage Custom Product Fields to Products export type
  • Added: Manage Custom User Fields to Users export type
  • Added: Manage Custom Customer Fields to Customers export type
  • Added: Execute button to Scheduled Export to trigger immediate scheduled exports
  • Added: Support for the TSV file type
  • Added: Export fields support to Orders screen export actions
  • Added: Populate default Attributes for Product exports with custom Attributes
  • Added: Support for export of empty field labels in Checkout Manager Pro
  • Added: Notice to Edit scheduled export screen if scheduled exports is disabled globally
  • Added: Save number of each scheduled exports ran
  • Added: Save timestamp of each last scheduled export ran
  • Added: Remember Product Type filter on Export screen


  • Fixed: Custom Variations not exporting in some situations for Products export
  • Fixed: Custom user meta not being included in Order exports
  • Fixed: Order export support for Checkout Manager Pro
  • Fixed: DateTimePicker displaying erroneous options
  • Fixed: Filter Variations by Product Status in Products export
  • Fixed: HTML quotes included in CSV, XLS and XLSX column headers
  • Fixed: Fixed filename not display correctly
  • Fixed: Detection of CRON export with no export fields
  • Fixed: Detection of trashed scheduled exports
  • Fixed: Date filtering error on Orders fixed date
  • Fixed: Limit Screen Options to Archives tab
  • Fixed: Total Weight not being filled for Orders export
  • Fixed: Checkout Field Editor support for Additional fields
  • Fixed: Fatal PHP error when activating multiple instances of SED
  • Fixed: Styling change in WooCommerce affecting Plugin screen


  • Changed: Increased key limit to 48 characters
  • Changed: Display Export File and Export Details for TSV file type
  • Changed: Using WC_Logger for saving error logs to wc-logs
  • Changed: Filter Orders by Product is now pre-WP_Query
  • Changed: Styled the Export Details meta boxes

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

2 thoughts on “[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.0 for WooCommerce

    • Hi Luis, open up the My Account page on our website to download the latest release manually, otherwise open up the Dashboard > Updates screen within your WordPress Administration 🙂

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