[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 2.0.8 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 2.0.8 Plugin update is a minor Plugin update that includes export support for more WooCommerce Plugins, additional security measures and better support for exporting Product Variations.

We now natively support exporting from the following Plugins, WooCommerce Easy Checkout Fields EditorWooCommerce Product FeesWooCommerce Events and WooCommerce Product Tabs.

This minor Plugin update includes additional security measures to mitigate the leaking of sensitive exports, out of the box we do this by restricting the Post Status of saved exports and adding a hash to the export filename. The CRON export engine now supports IP whitelisting to limit CRON exports to allowed IP addresses only as well as limiting allowed export types. We are in discussion with the team at Plugin Vulnerabilities to explore how we can further limit the leaking of sensitive exports.

With help from Karim from terravity and Lena we’ve improved export support for the Variable Product Type when exporting Products. We now calculate the total stock of a Variable based on the quantity of child Variations and the Price of a Variable Product reflects the min/max Price spread of its child Variations (e.g. $10.00-$25.00).


  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Easy Checkout Fields Editor
  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Product Fees
  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Events
  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Product Tabs
  • Added: Modules filter support on Tools screen
  • Added: Custom Attributes support in Orders export
  • Added: Export support for WooCommerce Custom Fields
  • Added: Product Reviews export type
  • Added: Review count field to Products export type
  • Added: Rating count field to Products export type
  • Added: Average rating field to Products export type
  • Added: Support for IP whitelisting within the CRON export engine
  • Added: Support for limiting allowed export types within the CRON export engine
  • Added: Support for triggering Scheduled Exports via the CRON export engine
  • Added: WordPress Filters during the XML/RSS export process
  • Added: %random% Tag to export filename for random number generation
  • Added: Notice prompt when non-private export Attachments are detected
  • Added: Dismiss option to override detection of non-private export Attachments
  • Added: Return to Settings button on Add Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: Return to Settings button on Edit Scheduled Export screen
  • Added: Filter Products by Date Modified
  • Added: Quantity populates total stock quantity for Variables
  • Added: Min/max Price and Sale Price for Variables (thanks terravity and Lena)


  • Fixed: Exporting Custom Attribute with accents in Products export
  • Fixed: Order Subtotal not excluding shipping cost
  • Fixed: Cost of Goods support in Products export
  • Fixed: Export of custom meta with an apostrophe in the meta name
  • Fixed: Field type detection giving false positive for integers
  • Fixed: Update all export Attachments to Post Status private
  • Fixed: Export of Product Stock Status in Scheduled Exports


  • Change: Product gallery formatting to URL by default
  • Changed: Button styling of Save Custom Fields
  • Changed: Translation set to woocommerce-exporter
  • Changed: E-mail export method uses temporary files instead of WordPress Media
  • Changed: Max unique Order Items only shown if related Order Items Formatting rule is selected
  • Changed: Max unique Product Gallery images only shown if related Product Gallery formatting rule is selected
  • Changed: Reduction in memory requirements for $export Global

What’s coming up?

The 2.0.9 minor Plugin release will follow shortly exclusively focusing on migrating to a new WooCommerce Subscriptions (WCS) export engine, there is a lot of demand for a competent Subscriptions exporter and we believe we can offer it to the WooCommerce community.

We’ve squeezed every resource out of the legacy WooCommerce Subscriptions export engine to get us to where we are today but it’s time to focus on WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0+ release and future releases. For now we will maintain compatibility with legacy releases of WooCommerce Subscriptions (before WCS 2.0) but this area will receive little development as we build out the export engine to make the most of WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.0+.

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

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