[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 1.9.1 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 1.9.1 Plugin update is a minor Plugin release with additional filters, some new export fields and various fixes, it is a recommended upgrade. In this release we’ve added a shutdown notice that explains why the exporter fails due to memory/timeout/permission issues instead of the famous “white screen”, there’s also fixes affecting our integration of PHPExcel for generating Excel files and suppressing warning notices that can affect exports for some users.

In this release you can now:

  • Include the Booking Date against Order Items from WooCommerce Bookings
  • Export XLSX reports from the Edit Orders screen
  • Generate scheduled exports of Orders with Billing/Shipping Country and by Product filters
  • Added a new Order Total Tax export field for Orders
  • Added a new Order Tax Percentage export field for Orders

Here’s the full changelog broken down.


  • Added: Filter Orders by Billing Country to scheduled export
  • Added: Filter Orders by Shipping Country to scheduled export
  • Added: Filter Orders by Product to scheduled export
  • Added: Notice when fatal error is encountered from memory/timeout
  • Added: WooCommerce Bookings integration for Booking Date in Orders export
  • Added: Booking to Filter Products by Product Type in Products export
  • Added: Booking Has Persons to Products export
  • Added: Booking Has Resources to Products export
  • Added: Booking Base Price to Products export
  • Added: Booking Block Price to Products export
  • Added: Booking Display Price to Products export
  • Added: Booking Requires Confirmation to Products export
  • Added: Booking Can Be Cancelled to Products export
  • Added: Export to XLSX to Orders screen
  • Added: Order Total Tax to Orders export
  • Added: Order Tax Percentage to Orders export


  • Fixed: Filter Orders by Coupon not working
  • Fixed: Subscriptions export not working
  • Fixed: Default empty Order Items Type to Line Item for CRON Order exports
  • Fixed: Conflict of XML class name
  • Fixed: Order Items: Stock missing in individual Order Items Formatting of Orders export
  • Fixed: Scenario where open_basedir is enabled and ./tmp is off limits
  • Fixed: Delimiter override not working in CRON exports* Added: order_items_types support to CRON attributes
  • Fixed: Order Discount not being filled in WooCommerce


  • Changed: Exclude Variations from Filter Orders by Product dropdown
  • Changed: Renamed Order Excl. Tax to Order Subtotal Excl. Tax
  • Changed: Filter Subscriptions by Subscripion Product uses jQuery Chosen

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.


What’s ahead?

Now that PHPExcel is baked in I’ll be keeping an eye out for export issues arising from the new file generation engine. Development focus for the 1.9 series are:

  • multiple scheduled export support
  • scheduled export frequency scheduling (e.g. run export A at 5:00pm each Friday)
  • export an XML feed in RSS 2.0 format compatible with Google Merchant (we’re getting there but it didn’t make it into 1.9)

Happy exporting!

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