[Plugin update] Store Exporter Deluxe 1.8.9 for WooCommerce

Hi WooCommerce store owners, the 1.8.9 Plugin update is a bug fix release, we’ve dropped the memory requirements when filtering Orders by Date, addressed Variations missing from Product exports and introduced native WordPress Archives table on the Archives tab.

Update note: Since individual Variations are now included by default in Product exports the memory requirements for Products may go through the roof (e.g. 1000 Products with 10,000 individual Variations linked to those base Products…). Calling for community feedback as to whether we make Variations inclusion in the Products export opt-in via the Filter Products by Product Type list. Thoughts? Add a comment. 🙂

In this release you can now:

  • Paginate the Archives tab results, there’s a screen option to control number of Archives Per Page
  • Delete all Archives at once from the Archives tab
  • Include Variations in the Product export
  • Include Global Attribute columns in the Product and Orders export

Here’s the full changelog broken down.


  • Added: Support for custom Attributes in Product export
  • Added: Default Attributes to Product export
  • Added: Support for Ship to Multiple Address for Order export
  • Added: Support for Sequential Order ID within WooCommerce Jetpack
  • Added: Support for Sequential Order ID formatting within WooCommerce Jetpack Plus
  • Added: Delete All archives button to Archives screen
  • Added: Format colunn to Archives list
  • Added: Pagination to Archives list
  • Added: Number of Archives to Screen Options on Archives list
  • Added: Support for Featured Image Thumbnail in Product export
  • Added: Support for Product Gallery Thumbnail in Product export
  • Added: Support for exporting WooCommerce Brands


  • Fixed: Export Product Attributes in Product export
  • Fixed: Attribute taxonomy missing from Order Items: Product Variation in WC 2.2+
  • Fixed: Variables not being included in Product export when filtering by Categories/Tags/Brands/Vendors
  • Fixed: Return default Post ID where Sequential Order ID is empty
  • Fixed: Delete export file after e-mailing via Scheduled export
  • Fixed: Incorrect mime type for some XML exports
  • Fixed: Date filtering of Orders is now WP_Query-based
  • Fixed: Filter Orders by Order Status via CRON
  • Fixed: Ordering of Product ID’s when exporting Product Variations


  • Changed: Archives table uses WP_List_Table class
  • Changed: Export to FTP now deletes the archived export
  • Changed: Removed media icon from Archives list
  • Changed: Moved default e-mail receipient and e-mail subject to Export method options
  • Changed: Moved Default remote POST to Export method options

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

What’s ahead?

Going forward for 1.9 I’m looking at switching from our home-brewed export engine to PHPExcel. This will sort out 99% of encoding issues affecting XLS files and allow for the generation of native Excel 2007-2013 XLSX files. This all depends on licencing requirements and at the end of the day PHP memory requirements. Other features high on the todo list are multiple scheduled export support and scheduled export frequency scheduling (e.g. run export A at 5:00pm each Friday). Happy exporting!

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