Plugin update: Product Importer Deluxe – 3.1.2

Hi WPER’ers, the 3.1.2. Plugin update for Product Importer Deluxe focuses on the addition of Zero Price Product support (e.g. $0.00), improving foreign language/character support as well as eliminating the need for multiple imports (one full import, one merge import) by modifying the merge import method to also create new Products where an existing SKU cannot be detected.

Other improvements include a clean up of the import templates (got rid of 3 unnecessary template files) and moving Wholesale Pricing import support out of Product Importer Deluxe and into its own Plugin; as has been done in the past for Related Products, Custom Fields, etc.

Automatic image method detection reads the contents of the first Product row’s Image column and decides if it looks like a URL (e.g. or filename (e.g. image-1.jpg|image-2.jpg). If successful it will set the import method options for you by enabling the image import tickbox as well as selecting the correct image import method (e.g. filename, external or manual upload).

Here’s the full changelog:

  • Changed: Moved Wholesale Pricing integration to its own Wholesale Pricing
  • Added: Zero Price support for Products
  • Added: Image method detection at upload time
  • Changed: Merge import method creates new Products too
  • Changed: Removed …import-failed_minimum.php template file
  • Changed: Removed …import-success-warnings.php template file
  • Changed: Removed …import-success.php template file
  • Fixed: Foreign characters being stripped at import

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