Plugin update: Product Importer Deluxe – 3.0.4

Hi WPEC’ers, the 3.0.4 Plugin update skips 3.0.3 due to an urgent patch to sort out a couple of import merge issues affecting WP e-Commerce 3.8. What this means is a more robust import process when merging new details again existing Products.

Also in this release is early WPML (multi-lingual) support as well as detection and duplication of existing Product images where possible (e.g. you can upload Product images via Media Libary and Product Importer Deluxe will pick these up and use them). Pretty nifty stuff!

Here’s the changelog:

= 3.0.4 =
* Added: Merge now updates Custom Fields (if activated)
* Fixed: Updating Local/International Shipping within merge feature
* Fixed: Unneccesary WP_DEBUG errors within WordPress Administration
* Fixed: External URL/Text/Target now importing and merging under WP e-Commerce 3.8

= 3.0.3 =
* Added: Will duplicate existing Product image instead of downloading same image where possible
* Added: Using add_product_meta and update_product_meta under WP e-Commerce 3.8
* Added: WPML multi-language support for importing Products

Further WPML integration as well as adding/updating Wholesale Pricing against Products and updating Product images (merge) is on the cards for the next minor Plugin update. Once these are in I’ll be tackling the dreaded variations beast which I’m confident will be well received by the e-Commerce community.

As always, download your Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or jump over to the Plugin detail page for more information.

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