Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.8.6

Hi WPEC’ers, the 1.8.6 release of Offline Credit Card Processing resolves a missing common functions and introduces a new Order Total e-mail tag and popup screen detail requested by Michelle from Cloth ‘n’ Craft.

The new Order Total tag (%order_total%) displays the Order Total within the Payment Details e-mail sent to the store owner, there’s also an option to show/hide the Order Total within the card details popup screen that can be managed from Settings > Offline Credit Card within the WordPress Administration.

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Added: Missing common function
  • Added: Order Total (%order_total%) tag to e-mail
  • Added: Order Total detail to card popup
  • Added: Setting to change Sale Status when Accepted button is pressed

Unlike always, download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.

8 thoughts on “Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.8.6

  1. Sorry, make that once…I have two purchase receipt emails, hence the confusion.

    • Hi refreshic, that’s part of the reason for us making the move to My Account for Plugin downloads. Please see my comment below.

  2. Same problem – I purchased the plugin twice on 26/9/12 and haven’t received an update noticed in either site’s plugin updater.

    Also, is there a way to link purchases to the new My Account system on your site? The link to the Premium Plugin Updates page doesn’t work, so there seems to be no way to manually update either.

    • Hi refreshic, please contact us for Plugin download assistance.

      We have run a migration script against our existing Premium Plugin Updates system which has been successful for the majority of customers, for those where it hasn’t we manually create a new Sale and assign the file downloads to your account.

  3. Hi I purchased this plugin 6/5, 10/7, and 11/26. I am able to login, but no (0) updates. Any assistance would be appreciated, so I can update my plugins.

  4. Hi I purchased this plugin Nov 30 but for some reason my wordpress admin panel is not showing the update for the offsite processing. And I am unable to login, not sure whats going on with that. Any assistance would be apreciated, so I can update my plugin.

    • Hi Brenda, our update solution ties into WordPress’s own Plugin Updater, we’ve had no issues raised about this. Please install the latest release and get in touch if you still don’t see Plugin update notifications from our Plugin suite.

      I’ve sent the latest release to the e-mail address assigned to your Sale. 🙂

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