Plugin update: Edit Orders – 1.5.3

Hi WPEC’ers, the 1.5.3 release of Edit Orders is a major Plugin update.

New features:

  • Quantity validation to prompt when ordering above stock limits for a Product
  • Replenish/reduce stock levels when adjusting Orders for quantity-limited Products; e.g. If you take 3 items off a quantity-limited Product those 3 will be available for purchase again via the storefront
  • Update redirect options within Settings screen; you can now select whether to reload the current Edit Order screen or return to the Edit Orders screen to view/manage all Edit Orders (*1)
  • Checkout support for dropdowns, radio boxes and read-only support for checkboxes (*2)
  • Engraving/custom message support for Products (e.g. per-Product Personalisation)
  • Setting option to enable/disable jQuery-driven Product Select menu
  • Setting option to switch between list and dropdown layouts for Sale Status and Payment Method


  • Tax charged on items is compatible with WP e-Commerce 3.8.9
  • Automatic calculation of Sale Total
  • Duplicate cart items with 0 (zero) quantity after saving Order changes
  • Duplicate Product Select menu after remove cart items
  • Products without limited-quantity hidden from Product Select menu

(*1) This will be extended in 1.5.4 to include redirecting to the Manage Sales and individual Sale Detail screen after clicking Update Order within the Edit Order screen.

(*2) Support for editing Checkout checkboxes will be introduced in 1.5.4

Here’s the complete changelog:

  • Fixed: Cannot order above available stock for limited-Quantity Products
  • Fixed: Products with unlimited quantity hidden from Product Select
  • Added: Settings screen
  • Added: Update Redirect options
  • Added: Product Select Layout option
  • Fixed: Is Donation support
  • Changed: Update button label to Update Order
  • Added: Disable Product Select items already in cart
  • Fixed: Duplicate Product Select dropdown after clicking Remove
  • Fixed: Automatic calculation on ‘-‘ total value
  • Added: Checkout radio support
  • Added: Checkout dropdown support
  • Fixed: Tax Charged on each Product
  • Added: Limited checkout checkbox support
  • Changed: Price column to Item Price
  • Added: Engraving/custom message support

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Edit Orders.

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