PayPal Developer Days 2009 Perth Notes

DSC00385-polaThis is a breakdown of notes collected from PayPal Developer Days 2009 hosted at the The Sheraton, Perth. Thanks PayPal!


  • PayPal Australia are entering the general/online merchant gateway arena going up against established Australian providers like eWay, CamTech and SecurePay
  • PayPal now supports two-factor authentication by mobile SMS validation and members Security Key (unique 6-character security code)
  • PayPal Australia does not suport Virtual Terminal or Website Payment Pro
  • Website Payments Standard is targetted at “Mums and Dads” whereas Website Payments Pro (or the Australian equivalient) will be for large online merchants (e.g. DSE, Flight Center, etc.)
  • PayPal Partners program is coming to Australia soon… definitely in the works
  • Australian-based PayPal developers working for U.S. clients are encouraged to sign-up for the U.S. PayPal Partner program in conjunction to the Australian PayPal Partner program
  • Australian currency support for recurring/subscription-based payments is live, ideal for NFP (Not For Profit), charities, monthly-subscription services or scheduled billing
  • PayPal Express Checkout has proven greater conversion success, so says PayPal
  • General advice is to take care with accepting eCheques, block future eCheques under Account Settings

DSC00386-polaDeveloper Tips

  • PayPal are pushing their Express Checkout as an alternative for regular PayPal customers to filling shipping/billing details for each online merchant
  • PayPal has wizard-based widgets for low-budget clients requiring PayPal integration
  • PayPal has an API for mobile devices, the major requirement being the browser supports SSL (and yes, API support is for more than the iPhone… WinMo, Crackberry, Android, etc.)
  • Easier to use Name-Value Pair (NVP) for API transactions than SOAP
  • PayPal recommends setting up server certificate over use of signatures in API transactions

PayPal Certified

  • Currently over 200 Certified Developers worldwide, 5 PayPal Certified Australains at time of publish
  • PayPal Certified developers can proudly display the PayPal Certified logo in emails and website
  • Forum to exchange ideas, respond to merchant queries, interact with other developers
  • Marketing materials to assist developers in selling PayPal integration packages to clients
  • PayPal Developer Community is very much U.S. focused, Australian content/forum section in the works

PayPal Certified Developer Directory

  • PayPal Certified developers are listed in the PayPal Certified Developer Directory
  • Online merchants can use the directory to find local PayPal Certified developers
  • The listing page needs basic filtering, it’s currently just a ‘list’. Filtering based on local region (Australia, India, Japan, South Korea, etc.), expertise (e.g. PHP, ASP, .NET, WordPress, DotNetNuke, etc.) and hourly rate (e.g. fixed rate of $150 AUD per hour, quote available, etc.) would improve the directory’s value to online merchants
  • The directory gives a direct link back the Online Merchant Network ( which has an unknown PR, yet the domain is 3 years old.
  • Australia is grouped under the Asia Pacific group catering for a very large region, Austalia should be on it’s own as developers are typically only familiar with their own local region

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