New Plugin: Coupon Importer for WP e-Commerce

Hi WPER’ers, presenting the latest Plugin to join the WP e-Commerce Premium suite, Coupon Importer enables store owners to manage their coupon inventory from a CSV file within their preferred spreadsheet manager (e.g. Excel).

Just like Product Importer Deluxe does for Products, Coupon Importer handles the Coupon side of things with support for importing as well as merging Coupon changes against existing Coupons within your store.

To make sure store owners have all the tools at the ready for Coupon management the free Store Toolkit Plugin has been updated to support the nuking of Coupons as has Store Export for generating a CSV file containing existing Coupons within your store. These three Plugins are linked to one another through tooltips and friendly prompts.

Find out more about Coupon Importer from the Plugin detail page, please drop a comment or suggestion as I welcome all feedback to further this Plugin.

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