Mobile Global Roaming with Vodafone Australia

Holy crap, I feel like someone’s taken a kidney or a vital organ without my consent. Global Roaming with Vodafone Australia is a joke with reforms desperately needed both for billing and services.

Global Roaming Costing Criticism

A 10 minute mobile call between an Australian roaming mobile travelling in New Zealand and a Australian mobile costs $35.00, that’s $3.50 a minute, ouch!?

Last time I checked… thats not enough time to:

  • call a loved one
  • answer some questions, or
  • have a real conversation

Whats the point of Global Roaming in trying to ‘connect people’ if its easier and even recommended by Australian Vodafone Customer Care just to buy a new SIM in the country you’re visiting and leave your damn mobile number at home. It defeats the purpose of roaming abroad if people take that action.

Denied Access to Customer Care

A second hiccup in current Global Roaming services is that roaming users cannot recharge or communicate with Customer Care unless they have adequate credit for the length of the call. Roaming users are charged full per minute rates while calling Customer Care.
In cases where you’ve used your purchased credit you are forced to make an international call to Vodafone Customer Care on +61414141414 from a landline or payphone in order to have a functioning phone again.

Vodafone Australia have some serious work to satisfy the needs and budgets of future roaming users. With our help and feedback they can place priority on resolving these serious issues one at a time.

Are you a Global Roaming customer, leave a comment about your experiences below.

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