Mister Wong (Beta): Private Information

Earlier this evening I received an invitation from Mister Wong – not the man, the social bookmarking portal – to beta test and provide feedback on how the well greased engines performs.

Have to say, for starters I’m impressed! This post is part of my series detailing the new portal soon to be launched.

Mister Wong: Private Information


Wong’s taken an alternate path to presenting individuals details which I approve of, instead of filling in interest fields you are able to link out to other social networking communities. Profile support includes Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace.


  • Additional custom communities cannot be added to your profile (eg. Twitter, LastFM, Digg)
  • Field ordering needs better priority
    • First Name, Last Name should be beside each other
    • No support for MSN Messenger means Australians are missing out (#1 chat client in Australia)
  • Field presentation needs work
    • Brief description should be a text box element using a Rich Text Editor (eg. TinyMCE)
    • Notes should be appended below fields to assist users (eg. “Enter your full MySpace profile URL”)

Beta Screenshot

Mister Wong Profile Support

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