Keyboard and Navigation on the Sony Ericsson P1i

Rocker Keyboard

Writing on the keyboard as a first time QWERTY mobile user is a very foreign experience, my first 100 character SMS must have taken 10 minutes to type out, but with a bit of time this new method becomes very intuitive and there’s no going back. The P1i sports dual-function keys – each key has a left and right function to it – coined ‘rocker’ keys, an example is the 3 keys on the keyboard “QW ER TY”; 3 keys with 6 functions.

Sony Ericsson P1i keyboard

Packed within five columns and four rows of spaced keys are 35 unique key possibilities, this doesn’t include alternative keys or function keys available within the keyboard alone which boost it to a number I’m not going to count; there’s alot, is that suffice.

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