Joining the exclusive Random Shapes community

Random Shapes is a great community for aspiring teenage bloggers to hone their media skills, share their personal lives and make life-long friends. This is the blogosphere; chummy up!

The Random Shapes home page,, acts as an open-media syndicator listing the best recent posts from the web’s most affluent members blogs (topic-based), plogs (personal-logs), podcasters (rich-media) and no doubt the next big media to impact our lives!

A handful of the dedicated topics syndicated include:

I don’t make use of ‘best’ often but the energy and vibe emitted from every post is something to marvel, the openness to share, help and grow is something of a myth in this digital age. In the brief time of being a member I have absorbed skills both in writing and life-experience that I otherwise would still be hobbling without, my only concern being what community to join once I am exempted; Random Shapes is open to teenagers only, if you grow up you’re forced to exile from Never Never Land.

I’d like to mention a few tips for blog owners discovering only now what Random Shapes is as well as those considering. Join Random Shapes!

  • Don’t take no for an answer; learn from any criticism provided, improve your content and presentation then try again.
  • Writers are meticulous for criticism, write well; structure your paragraphs, spelling, grammar, you know the drill.
  • First impressions last approximately four seconds, ensure your site design is clean, readable and free from web layout defects.
  • Applications are decided by open-comments from other members, there’s no troll under this bridge.
  • How often you post updates holds strong merit, this indicates commitment in the past, during the selection process and as a future representative for Random Shapes.
  • Appeal to your judges in your application, consider the following:
  • Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.), voice your purpose and aspirations within the community and let it be.
  • What is it about you that you believe should be ranked up there with the best?
  • You might deposit nominal amounts in key member’s bank accounts.
  • Be unique, be interesting, be positive and alive, be everything you aren’t in real life!

That’s all that comes to mind, I hope this is of help to those applying. Good luck and see you on the other side as a fledging member! 😀

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