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The best one-on-one file comparison editor hands down. Nothing comes close! Integrating a one-to-one line matching algorithm makes this is the simplest file comparison tool for use on a day-to-day basis.

Screenshot of Beyond Compare by Scooter Software


My anything editor. Be it markup for a HTML template or opening some never before seen file ending in an alien extension, UltraEdit’s my choice. Intelligent syntax suggestion and an assortment of provided and freely available syntax highlighting formats makes my job easier.

UltraEdit by IDM Solutions


Is there any other tool that provides semantic markup of content that comes even close to the quality generated by TinyMCE? Officially, no. There are some competition very close behind.

TinyMCE has a familiar interface so you can concentrate on content generation and not which buttons create three-tier unordered lists! I admit I’ve made a few two level lists now with TinyMCE…

As interest and wider support of WYMeditor – currently in beta – springs forth I expect to install WYMeditor as the default Administrator level text editor but provide TinyMCE as the default for client-accessible content.

TinyMCE Editor

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