Enabling true friendly addresses, Drupal

The Paths module allows you to change page addresses from http://trampoline.tv/node/5 to a human friendlier http://trampoline.tv/about/. Drupal 5.1 dev comes with Paths in it’s list of modules not enabled by default.

Enable paths module

  1. Log in to your Administrator account from the front page
  2. Expand the Administer menu
  3. Expand the Site building menu
  4. Open the Modules page
  5. Tick the Path checkbox
  6. Accept the changes by clicking Save configuration

Create on page basis redirects

To redirect pages you wil need to know the existing relative address (eg. /node/5) as well as decided the updated name (eg. /about/).

  1. Open the URL aliases page from the Site building sub-menu
  2. Click Add alias
  3. Enter the existing relative address into the first text input
  4. Enter the updated relative address into the second text input
  5. Accept the redirect by clicking Create new alias
  6. Test the redirect by entering the redirected page address into your browser

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