Enabling Category Count in WP E-Commerce

While working on my security camera e-commerce website, Smart Security Cameras, I wanted to show site visitors the number of products within each Category/Brand of the shop (e.g. Samsung, Samsung Techwin, Botch, etc.).

I assumed this would involve custom development of WP E-Commerce to acheive this but thankfully this feature is  included within but as yet has no method of enabling it from the WordPress Administration. Time to change that.

  1. Open your WordPress database within phpMyAdmin
  2. Explore the wp_options table and click Insert to insert a new table row
  3. Set option_name to show_category_count
  4. Set option_value to 1
  5. Click Go to enable Category/Brand Count within the Product Categories widget

That’s it, refresh your website and you should now see the Product Categories widget list prefixed by category count.

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