Discovering new music, resolved

Pandora Internet RadioPandora Internet Radio is the free music revolution I’ve been searching for. has its place keeping track of my tastes and recommending similar music based on my history but I want to experience new genres of music! Pandora works on the approach of asking the listener – you! – your taste of the last played song and with this positive/negative feedback influencing the playlist.

Let’s take a test drive:

  • I am asked a band I enjoy, I enter “bright eyes”
  • I am asked to verify whether “bright eyes” was a band and not a track name, I click band
  • The first track is played, if I enjoy it I am asked to “thumbs up” the track otherwise “thumbs down” and play the next track
  • This process continues and very quickly a play-list of tracks I consistently enjoy is made from bands I would be otherwise unfamiliar with including The Shining, Discover America, She Wants Revenge. Cool stuff I reckon.

Pandora Internet Radio

I’ll be playing with this further with different genres – rock, punk, pop, classical, chill – and various moods, for now though, this will be how I discover new artists.

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