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Development workshop: Week 1

The first week of this development workshop has come to an end, this week was dedicated to the website and supporting infrastructure, that has meant launching the new VLShop Theme, overhauling Plugin detail pages, preparing new documentation, improving contact forms and even working on our Plugin update infrastructure.

Here’s what has been achieved:

The next two weeks are exclusively Plugin work focused on nailing the goals established before beginning this development workshop. Here’s a re-cap.

The goals of this development workshop are:

  • to add Export Template integration to the Quick Export screen in Store Exporter Deluxe (in progress)
  • to reduce the memory footprint of export elements when preparing exports in Store Exporter Deluxe
  • to complete the WooCommerce 3.0 CRUD model transition for Order exports *1
  • to move the Product import logic from Product Importer Deluxe to Store Importer Deluxe
  • to add Order and Order Item import support to Store Importer Deluxe
  • to add file attachment support to the Premium Support form (achieved)
  • to add file attachment support to the My Account > Support section (in progress)
  • to continue customising the storefront (achieved)
  • to make available the Jigoshop to WooCommerce migration Plugin to existing Product Importer Deluxe customers *2

*1 – we currently avoid conflicting with WooCommerce 3.0 Order and Order Item resources which trigger deprecation notices

*1 – in the same way that Product Importer Deluxe customers have access to early builds of Store Importer Deluxe as it is being developed

That’s it for now, thank you for respecting this opportunity to focus on development over support for this three week period. This development workshop will benefit all of us.

Now it’s time for a Friday afternoon beer and a rare weekend away from the computer then starting Monday morning focus on getting the above functionality implemented. Expect new functionality across the WooCommerce Plugin suite being available soon in the next batch of minor Plugin releases. 🙂

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