Dell 22 Inch Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Dell 22? Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor (E228WFP) It’s a big bad screen and I love its place on my desk but that upping that contrast ratio to higher than ‘is everything covered in dust?’ would make this beast that extra bit sweeter.

So here’s the quiz, am I the only thinking the contrast ratio on the massive Dell 22″ Wide-screen Flat Panel screen sucks… it’s freakin’ grey! What does the Ultrasharp 22″ look side-by-side? If it counts I have a Dell 20″ Ultrasharp Widescreen Flat Panel sitting alongside the new 22″ and it looks fantastic, I’m referring to the Ultrasharp 20″ not the beast, so what else is holding back Goliath?

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