Defining the Semantic Web across Industry Roles

The term ’semantic web’ is little understood and as an emerging technology is widely applied such like the explosion of interest expressed towards the ‘Web 2.0? phenomenon.

In simplest understanding the semantic web is:

…an extension of the current Web that will allow you to find, share, and combine information more easily. It relies on machine-readable information and meta data…
Extract from Metadata Glossary at Noise Between Stations

This can be further explained by contributing related disciplines:

The semantic web relies on ontology mark-up languages that enable [the creation of] knowledge…
Extract from Glossary at Genomics and Proteomics

This new model impacts Internet industry roles in vastly different ways. For Web Developers, Content Writers and Information Architects this means taking a user-centric approach to client projects.

For Web Developers this means:

  • adhering to W3C development mark-up recommendations
  • providing extensive content search with suggestive technology
  • developing extensive UGC systems
  • implementing micro formats where possible

For Content Writers this means:

  • writing exclusively for your readers
  • conveying as much product information as commercially viable
  • integrating search keywords and phrases into content
  • providing valuable interlinked content

For Information Architects this means:

  • designing with user focused UID standards in mind
  • providing the simplest user experience

If you yourself work in any of these industries recommend tips and your own experiences to help better understand the changes ‘Web 2.0? means to you.

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