Debugging WP e-Commerce, a client’s experience

Earlier in the week I had the pleasure of working with Business Advisor – an Australian not-for-profit organisation connecting business owners with skilled advisors – in debugging their WP e-Commerce install running 3.7.7 and WordPress 3.0.1. After restoring the store I asked Alex to publish his experience.

Recently, I installed the WP e-Commerce Plugin onto several WordPress sites. One of these sites, Business Advisor – Blogs, went off without a hitch. The Plugin installed and we were able to load Products as we pleased. The other, was not so easy, we had all sorts of funky issues with it.

  1. Firstly, the edit Products page on the Dashboard was not cooperating, it was temperamental in adding Products and would only display them if specific Product Categories were selected, the “View All Categories” filter on Store > Products didn’t work at all.
  2. Next up all of the Product editing and modification buttons were broken too, we could not publish/delete/edit or do anything to new or existing Products.

This meant the Products Page was empty and our store left inaccessible to both store owner and site visitors.
Here is what we tried to resolve the above issues before approaching Visser Labs:

  1. Deactivating all Plugins from the Plugins page, except for WP e-Commerce – didn’t work
  2. Deleting the WP e-Commerce Plugin and re-installing – didn’t work
  3. Accessing the website with FileZilla – an FTP client – and deleting anything that had to do with WP e-Commerce – didn’t work
  4. Changing the WordPress Theme to Default/Twenty Ten and trying again – didn’t work
  5. Tried just about every browser known to Mac and Windows – didn’t work
  6. Installed Visser Labs’ Nuke WP e-Commerce Plugin and cleared the WP e-Commerce database tables – didn’t work

What did work:

  1. Talking to a WordPress expert from Visser Labs
  2. Going to the website’s cPanel, opening phpMyAdmin from the available administrative options and deleting all tables with a ‘wp_wpsc_’ prefix; aka a WP e-Commerce Plugin table
  3. Reinstalling WP e-Commerce and starting again

It worked!

I hope what we went through can help others in our situation.

By Alex Hall
Website Administrator-Marketing
Business Advisor Network Ltd

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