Creating a strong brand for your online store

Issue 12 of Website Magazine is out and includes a gem by Peter Prestipino, Editor-In-Chief at Website Magazine on creating a strong brand for your new online business:

  1. Identify the human side and personality of the brand. Discover who the brand influences and advocates are and how they might impact the brand’s image.
  2. Find the values behind the brand and what they stand for, as well as the heritage or history of the brand.
  3. Identify the emotional benefits of the brand; e.g. the promotion of pleasure and avoidance of failure. Surveys of former and current consumers are arguably the best way, as they have believed enough to buy the product or service.
  4. Establish a core belief based on the information and data collected, addressing what ultimately expresses the brand essence accurately. Create a mission statement to frame all succeeding steps.
  5. Reduce the mission statement into a core one-line statement. Create a slogan that translates the benefits of the core belief or mission to customers.
  6. Develop the appearance of the brand and its artistic elements. Use the information from previous steps to influence the brand identity.

I’m using these rules as well as other tips in Website Magazine to build better websites and e-commerce stores for my customers.

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