Chunda; The drinking game,

“Just like pumpkin soup slightly bumpy only smoother but just right.” – Damian O’Kane

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Chunda is a very simple drinking game to teach, to learn and to play. Five piles of cards are presented to you face down, your goal is to work from the right pile to the left pile guessing the value underneath using “higher” or “lower” calls. If you guess all five correct you empty the contents of your glass in one brief sitting.

A few rounds of Chunda before pub-crawling will put you on good standing for the rest of the night.

Things you need:

  • Partial/full pack of plain dealing cards
  • Alcohol


  1. Shuffle your deck thoroughly and lay them out in five staggered piles to the right.
    An image of five staggered decks.
    The first pile should have the least cards and the final pile should have the most.
  2. Take one face down card from the right pile and place it face up in front of the decks.
    An image showing one card face up presented infront of the deck.
    This is the lead card that the first player will use to guess the value of their first card.
  3. The Player now guesses using “higher” or “lower” calls the value of the card face down in the right pile.
    The first card of the right pile is presented face up
    The face down card in the right pile is flipped and placed on top of the lead card in front of the decks.
  4. If the call was correct then the second card from the left is flipped and placed on top of the lead card pile forming in front of the decks. However, if the call was incorrect the Player must take a full mouthful of their drink and guess the value of the right pile again.
  5. Future calls by the Player are made with the Dealer flipping the face down card as the Player progresses from the first right pile to the final left pile.

The round continues until only three piles remain at which point the piles are re-dealt by the Dealer, or the Player successfully guesses the cards from right to left passing the next round onto their right. Rinse, repeat and have a good time. Drink responsibly.


When dealing the five piles use your better judgment, no precision in the number of cards for each pile is needed.

If an incorrect call is made and the Player refuses to drink he must be forced through peer-pressure to drink. If the Player finishes their drink a fresh drink of the same label is required.

Calls for “higher” or “lower” can only be made after the Player has swallowed their alcohol if they made an incorrect guess last turn and not before. Calls can be indicated by thumbs-up and thumbs-down, accurate head shaking or feet movement. A call is final and cannot be changed due to carelessness also noone can call on your behalf unless you chunda, upon which you are removed from the game.

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