Changes to the WP e-Commerce Plugin Menu Structure

As a follow on from Dan’s recent post over on the highlighting the Store menu overhaul in the upcoming 3.8 release, I’ve gone through and updated my suite of Plugins to reflect this change which I’m already very happy with as it cleans up the Store Admin menu.

Products are now their own top level menu, and only contain the product specific information they require; Store wide notifications and information are located in your Dashboard; and Store settings and Marketing options are tucked in with the rest of your WordPress Settings.

Previously all Plugins for WP e-Commerce had an Admin menu under Store > Upgrades, whether that Admin page be an ‘action’, ‘once-off’ or ‘configuration’ page.

  • By ‘action’ page I refer to Products, Categories, Variations, Reports, etc. – Admin Pages that are accessed regularly
  • By ‘once-off’ page I refer to Nuke WP e-Commerce, Product Importer, etc. – Admin Pages that are accessed infrequently
  • By ‘configuration’ page I refer to Marketing, Offline Credit Card Processing, Related Products – Admin Pages that manage Plugin options

With the menu change in WP e-Commerce 3.8 ‘action’ pages will remain under Store, while ‘once-off’ will live in Tools and ‘configuration’ Admin Pages will join the Settings family. Minor Plugin update notifications will start flowing over the next few days.

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