Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.0.5

Hi Jigoshop store owners, the 1.0.5 Plugin update brings compatibility with Jigoshop 1.3 and includes several critical new features for processing offline card payments:

  • Approve/Decline Payment
  • Delete card immediately option
  • New WordPress capability support for User Role Editor support: read_credit_card_details
  • Reduce stock after Checkout for limited stock items

Approve Payment/Decline Payment/Process later

The standard partial card details popup is still found under Orders > Offline Payments, this Plugin update adds Order Status action buttons so you can charge the card from the popup screen and set the Order Status to Completed or Declined. Once the Order Status has been set existing card details are scrubbed from the Order. Clicking Process later will allow you to process the card details at a later time but is reliant on available repeat views (e.g. limited views option) configured from Jigoshop > Settings > Payments within the WordPress Administration.

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.

Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.0.3

The 1.0.3 Plugin update of OCCP has been released to the Jigoshop store community, below is the change log.

  • Changed: Renamed Discovery to Discover
  • Changed: Customer Message option to Description
  • Added: Instructions option for thank you message
  • Fixed: Validation shows multiple prompts
  • Added: Styling to Offline Payment widget under All Orders
  • Added: Checkout validation for fields
  • Added: Card Type and CSC validation
  • Added: Card expiry validation

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration. For more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.

New Plugin: Offline Credit Card Processing for Jigoshop

Here’s a change, Jigoshop store owners can now process Sales securely using their own offline merchant facility by using Offline Credit Card Processing.

Offline Credit Card Processing allows store owners to process credit card orders offline by accepting the credit card information and splitting the card number into two parts; partial save to the database while the rest e-mailed to the store owner.

Find out more about OCCP from the Plugin detail page, please drop a comment or suggestion as I welcome all feedback to further this Plugin.