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Hi all, just a quick message to say that discounts store-wide are now active and will work until Monday 2 December 11:59 EST.

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Wishing you all a special weekend with family and loved ones, and now back to answering your support tickets. 🙂

The Wait for the Sony Ericsson X1 Continues

Sony Ericsson X1. Photo by LetsGoDigital,

Sony Ericsson X1. Photo by LetsGoDigital

Early August has already past us by and Sony Ericsson are yet to ease the anxiousnous of waiting for the immediate worldwide release of the new X1 model.

I have checked the Sony Ericsson X1 product page on a weekly basis and the “X1 is coming soon.” message is still boldly laughing at me.

Sony Ericsson have created an e-mail notifier to let readers know when the X1 is available in stores, sign up today. Hopefully the wait isn’t too long now…

Ladytron landing in Brisbane



The 1st of September at The Tivoli will be wild with Ladytron playing their fourth album release Velocifero and earlier releases here for the very first time in Brisbane.

This band have been kicking off weekend parties since the release of 604 back in 2001 with their own breed of boosted electronic pop and often experimental musical techniques.

As reported earlier Familjen will be opening for Ladtron which will be a great set before the gods begin. Velocifero was released in February this year so I’m eager to see the fans response as the band have continued to refine their overlapping vocals and coarse trance mood with their latest album.

“Seventeen”, “Evil”, “Blue Jeans” and “Destroy Everything You Touch” are Ladytron classics which I’m confident will be played throughout what is set to be an epic evening. Tickes are available online through The Vivoli website.