We’ve moved our storefront from Jigoshop to WooCommerce

Hey there WordPress e-Commerce community, we’ve completed our in-house storefront migration from Jigoshop to WooCommerce and other than taking a lot longer to complete than initially planned it’s done without a hitch!

We are now proudly running WooCommere on our storefront for the sale and distribution of our free and Premium WordPress e-Commerce Plugins!

A little bit of history

We cut our teeth on WordPress e-Commerce store migrations back in 2013 moving our storefront from WP e-Commerce to Jigoshop, Product, Coupons and Orders came over but we screwed up download permissions which meant customers could see their purchase but couldn’t download Plugins… *head smack*

Fast forward a year and we’re stuck with an e-Commerce platform that we had hard-coded changes into Jigoshop core making updates harder and harder to maintain. In hindsight we should have never, ever, ever made core Plugin changes and instead raised queries with the Jigoshop team so we could maintain custom WordPress Plugins to extend Jigoshop.

From July 2014 plans were drawn up, we were moving to WooCommerce. We announced this in our end of year address but had no idea what was involved.

Migrating to WooCommerce

While the explosion of Plugin development riding the popularity wave of WooTheme’s WooCommerce has produced hundreds, if not thousands, of e-Commerce extensions store migration between platforms is a niche point with few options available, in our case none supported migrating Order download authorisations which is critical to our store needs as a Plugin distributor.

We had two options:

  1. use the Jigoshop to WooCommerce extension to migrate our Products over to WooCommerce and start over with a fresh WooCommerce instance with no existing Orders, or
  2. build a custom WordPress Plugin to take all that is Jigoshop and paint it WooCommerce

After all the hard work generating thousands of Orders, developing our Plugin distribution platform to extend Jigoshop to deliver Plugin updates it was clear we weren’t starting over. Had we gone with a fresh WooCommerce instance we would have been killed resource wise re-building existing Orders and download permissions for over 10,000+ existing Orders, our customer base would have been pissed. We needed to migrate everything and make sure it worked.

We teamed up with Gaetan Ouandja in November 2014 and went to work on migrating each detail from Jigoshop to WooCommerce on a per feature basis, starting small with basic Product details that used simple custom Post meta (e.g. Price, Sale Price, Sale Price Dates) before moving onto Custom Term Taxonomies (e.g. Product Types) and when we were confident moving onto the heavy stuff (Jigoshop custom tables, Product Attributes, Order Items, Download authorisations).

The migrator Plugin was built so that it could run in the background while the new WooCommerce storefront continued to operate and could accept new Orders, another important aspect of the Plugin was that it would continue running as a server process even if the browser session timed out. Having the migration process running as a server process was a life saver as we regularly hit browser time outs running some migration processes and had the process ceased midway through a step it would poison that portion of the WordPress database and require us to take the storefront down while we restore the backup database.

Migration Day

Ater testing and testing and testing on staging sites and local development instances of our storefront it finally was time to to do it on the live site. After a full backup and short notice of scheduled maintenance it was go time.

As of midnight the Jigoshop to WooCommerce migrator has successfully migrated:

  • 10,000+ Orders
  • 105,000+ Order Items
  • 10,000+ download permissions assigned to Orders
  • 50+ Products with Variations, electronic download files assigned to both Simple and Variable Product Types
  • 50+ Coupons with usage

To say this has been hard work is an understatement but it was so worth it!

The future

We will add a friendly wizard UI as well as an advanced view to the migration Plugin with a goal to distribute this Plugin as a free basic offering on the WordPress Plugins repository and as a Premium Plugin in the next quarter.

For our storefront we will continue to tweak our VLShop Theme to optimise it for WooCommerce as it was originally developed for Jigoshop. With the move to WooCommerce we can offer a better experience to customers by enabling PDF invoicing, multiple currency support, affiliate opportunities, the list goes on… 🙂

Plugin update: Store Exporter Deluxe 1.5.9

Hi store owners, the latest release of Store Exporter Deluxe that’s available adds 3rd party export support for several popular WooCommerce extensions (free and Premium Plugins!) as well as includes some bug fixes for Order Item formatting within the Orders export.

Focus for the next major Plugin update for Store Exporter Deluxe is to remove the dependence of updating our basic Store Exporter by moving the ‘guts’ of our basic exporter into Store Exporter Deluxe and disabling the basic Plugin on activation. This resolves any issue with out of date Plugins interfering with each other and means a single Plugin can be kept up to date to deliver the latest export features.

We’re aware of an issue affecting automatic Plugin updates not appearing using the WordPress Plugin installer (Dashboard > Updates) which we’ll be working to resolve on our side, in the interim please download Plugin updates via our website from the My Account page.

Check out our Plugin roadmap for what’s planned and in progress for future Plugin updates, we’re aiming for weekly minor releases. Happy exporting! 🙂

WordPress 3.9.1 compatibility issue with Store Exporter

Hi store owners, just making you aware that there is a Plugin compatibility issue with Store Exporter and the new WordPress 3.9.1. If error reporting is turned on for your hosting account a PHP warning may appear at the top of your WordPress Administration pages looking like this.

Warning: Missing argument 2 for …_ce_add_missing_mime_type() in …/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-exporter/includes/functions.php on line 877

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at …/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-exporter/includes/functions.php:877) in …/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-exporter/includes/functions.php on line 155

We will be releasing a minor Plugin update later today to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.

Plugin update: Store Exporter Deluxe for all platforms

Hi WordPress store owners, we’ve sent a big update to Store Exporter Deluxe today for WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce and Jigoshop that pushes the capabilities of our exporter platform from its humble beginnings.

Here’s a short list of new functionality in Store Exporter Deluxe.

  • Generate exports in CSV, XML and plain-text file formats
  • Set scheduled exports to automatically save/e-mail/remote POST from within the WordPress Administration (see Scheduled Exports)
  • Retail store integrators can generate exports remotely with our CRON engine (see Sample CRON Requests)
  • Export support for more 3rd party SEO and e-Commerce Plugins

We’ve cleaned and organised the online documentation for Store Exporter Deluxe and created Trello boards for monitoring feature requests.

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Store Exporter Deluxe.

Here’s the complete changelog across all platforms.

  • Fixed: Fatal error on individual cart item export in XML
  • Fixed: Coupon export to XML issue
  • Added: Support for exporting as XML file
  • Added: XML export support for Products
  • Added: XML export support for Categories
  • Added: XML export support for Tags
  • Added: XML export support for Orders
  • Added: XML export support for Customers
  • Added: XML export support for Coupons
  • Changed: Created new functions-xml.php file
  • Added: wpsc_cd_generate_xml_filename() to functions-xml.php
  • Added: wpsc_cd_generate_xml_header() to functions-xml.php
  • Added: Scheduled export type option
  • Fixed: Scheduled export not triggering
  • Changed: Remove last scheduled export immediately instead of waiting to run
  • Added: Support for overriding field delimiter in CRON exports
  • Added: Support for overriding category separator in CRON exports
  • Added: Support for overriding BOM support in CRON exports
  • Added: Support for overriding encoding in CRON exports
  • Added: Support for overriding limit in CRON exports
  • Added: Support for overriding offset in CRON exports
  • Added: Support for overriding escape formatting in CRON exports

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials: VL-BLACKFRIDAY13

Hi all, just a quick message to say that discounts store-wide are now active and will work until Monday 2 December 11:59 EST.

Get 25% off all Jigoshop and WooCommerce Plugins

Get 35% off all WP e-Commerce Plugins


Simply drop the above coupon code at Checkout to update your cart totals.

Wishing you all a special weekend with family and loved ones, and now back to answering your support tickets. 🙂

Plugin update: Commission King 1.2.5 for Woo, 1.2.3 for Jigo

Hey guys!

We’ve just released a major bug fix for Commission King for WooCommerce. If you’re using version 1.2.4, you should update asap.

Both releases also include email notification updates – the customer details now come through if you have the option turned on.

We’re working on some pretty major changes for version 1.3 – including the much requested sorting and filtering in the admin interface. We’ve got another feature up our sleeve that you’re going to love – it will open up a whole new opportunity for your store.

Download the latest Plugin update from My Account, or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Commission King.

Welcome to the new Visser Labs

Both Luke Carbis and myself (Michael Visser) are very excited to start this new year with fellow store owners, starting 2013 with a new site theme is even better!

Update: The site migration will be complete in a few hours, just bringing across the latest sales and comments, etc.

We’ve got a big year ahead working with the three major e-Commerce platforms for WordPress and there’s no shortage of work to be done.

New customers visiting for the first time can enjoy our new Plugin detail pages and clearer communication of their uses, while existing customers can expect closer community interaction and tighter after-sales support facilities as we put the finishing touches on our Theme migration.

The new Theme (VL Shop) deployed here on Visser Labs changes a few rules from our existing Theme (Something New), they are:

  • Premium Plugin Updates is no more, please create a User account under the e-mail address you used at Checkout (*1)
  • Our separate platform sections (WP e-Commerce, WooCommerce, Jigoshop) have been merged under one roof; Plugins
  • Support enquiries raised on a Plugin detail page will be moved to our Support area and followed up there
  • Site visitors can monitor our daily activities via our new Trello community integration

Put simply, we’re evolving to serve and meet the expectations of the WordPress e-Commerce community, as always, if you have a feature suggestion or would like to get in touch drop a comment below or find us on the Contact page.

(*1) If you already have a User account here on Visser Labs that does not match the e-mail address provided at Checkout or are experiencing difficulties locating your original Purchase Receipt please contact us.

Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.0.5

Hi Jigoshop store owners, the 1.0.5 Plugin update brings compatibility with Jigoshop 1.3 and includes several critical new features for processing offline card payments:

  • Approve/Decline Payment
  • Delete card immediately option
  • New WordPress capability support for User Role Editor support: read_credit_card_details
  • Reduce stock after Checkout for limited stock items

Approve Payment/Decline Payment/Process later

The standard partial card details popup is still found under Orders > Offline Payments, this Plugin update adds Order Status action buttons so you can charge the card from the popup screen and set the Order Status to Completed or Declined. Once the Order Status has been set existing card details are scrubbed from the Order. Clicking Process later will allow you to process the card details at a later time but is reliant on available repeat views (e.g. limited views option) configured from Jigoshop > Settings > Payments within the WordPress Administration.

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates and for more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.

Plugin update: Offline Credit Card Processing – 1.0.3

The 1.0.3 Plugin update of OCCP has been released to the Jigoshop store community, below is the change log.

  • Changed: Renamed Discovery to Discover
  • Changed: Customer Message option to Description
  • Added: Instructions option for thank you message
  • Fixed: Validation shows multiple prompts
  • Added: Styling to Offline Payment widget under All Orders
  • Added: Checkout validation for fields
  • Added: Card Type and CSC validation
  • Added: Card expiry validation

As always download the latest Plugin update from Premium Plugin Updates or via Dashboard > Updates within the WordPress Administration. For more information visit the Plugin detail page for Offline Credit Card Processing.