Big Business Rewards Customer Feedback

Dominos AustraliaDominos Australia continue to set industry examples by rewarding unsolicited customer feedback. Usually a critical raised-eyebrow or “k thx bye” is deserved, making Dominos gesture push way beyond any customer expectation.

A (hawt) Dominos Australia representative commented,

Our customers are the best source of information to help improve online ordering. Your suggestions are very helpful and have been passed on to our IT Department.

As a thank you, we would like to send you a complimentary Domino’s pizza voucher, to be redeemed at your convenience. Please reply with your postal address so that we can send you your voucher.

So what’s the future for customer feedback or better put consumer contributions? Ideally, we’ll see free software awarded for organised bug hunts, discounted plasma screens for developers who make decent screensavers, and in some faraway utopian dream… free McDonald’s for taste-testers (count me in!).

What are your thoughts? Do the big businesses you interact with value your feedback, if not how this trend be changed?

(Disclaimer: I was not paid in currency for this article, the yummy Capriciosa pizza with extra sun-dried tomatos and a swirl of Mayonnaise did help but… thanks Dominos!)

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