Automated thumbnail creation in Mass Product Importer Deluxe for WP e-Commerce

Mass Product Importer Deluxe for WP e-Commerce has ticked over to 0.4, including the following changes:

  • Fixed automatic creation of thumbnails and tested extensively
  • Added support for detection of WordPress table prefixing using $wpdb->prefix
  • Fixed ‘Start over’ feature to empty WP e-Commerce tables

In previous versions some users – including myself at times – were encountering a ‘blank’ page after assigning an image against each Product to be imported, I have worked hard to eliminate this issue. Please test and report any encounters in the Mass Product Importer support forum; now powered by bbPress!

In case it hasn’t been pointed out already my importer supports Quantity On Hand within WP e-Commerce setting the limited quantity and quantity volume as well as File downloads for electronic delivery of selected Products.

Also to note, I have tested the importer to ensure support with the latest release of WordPress – 2.9.2 – and the latest beta release of WP e-Commerce; 3.7.6 RC4

Please download the latest version by opening the My Downloads page as a logged-in customer or using the download link in your original purchase receipt.

As always thank you for supporting my work, if you have any ideas for future versions please include them in the comments below.

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