Adding Static IP’s on the Billion ADSL Firewall Router

Billion BiPAC 5200G Router ADSL

Billion BiPAC 5200G Router ADSL

The Billion ADSL Firewall Router (BiPAC 7300GA) is your run of the mill ADSL2+ modem/router for homes and small business, typically included as an entry-level broadband modem for new homes connecting to high-speed Internet.

Being able to define a fixed IP address based on each machines MAC address within your network makes port-forwarding and Quality of Service activities a breeze. Below I cover identifying your machines MAC address and set up a fixed IP address using Billion’s web-interface.

  1. Open an Internet browser window and connect to the IP address of your Billion ADSL Firewall Router (e.g.
  2. When prompted fill in the devices username and password (this is defined the first time you set the device up to connect to the Internet)
  3. Click Status from the left-side main menu
  4. Open DHCP Table from the expanded Status main menu item
  5. If your current machine is connected and assigned a dynamic IP address your machine name (e.g. LAPTOP) will appear in the DHCP Table visible
  6. Note down the MAC address beside your machine name, this will come in handy shortly
  7. Click Configuration from the left-side main menu
  8. Click Advanced from the expanded Configuration main menu item
  9. Open Static ARP from the expanded Advanced sub-menu item
  10. Click Create below the Static ARP table
  11. Enter your preferred fixed IP address within the IP Address field
  12. Enter your current machines MAC address within the MAC_Address field
  13. Press Apply to confirm changes
  14. Disable and re-enable your active network connection

That’s it. You now have a fixed IP address on your current machine. Try setting up Quality of Service or port-forwarding!

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